Building true DeFi.

Trade your crypto assets using our non-custodial peer-to-peer trading protocol and earn a passive income with our asset-backed governance token.













Trade Efficiently - "From The Wallet"

Trade cryptocurrencies and NFTs using our peer-to-peer, non-custodial trading protocol 


Transactions through our From-The-Wallet (FTW) trading protocol are peer-to-peer, maximising efficiency and minimising gas cost.


The FTW limit order protocol is built such that you maintain full custody of your assets at all times. This is true DeFi.

NFT Trading

Beyond regular tokens, FTW also supports NFTs, enabling non-custodial peer-to-peer NFT trading between buyers and sellers.

Buy Low, Sell High

Trade through our aggregator and enjoy the best prices for your favourite tokens across multiple chains.


Trade across the most popular EVM networks, beginning with ETH and BSC and expanding from there.

Limit Orders

Perform non-custodial peer-to-peer limit orders using our FTW trading protocol.

Optimal Spot Prices

Trade effectively – our aggregator routes through top DEXs to call upon the optimal spot price for your every trade.

Trade Safely

Built with security in mind, buy and sell verified cryptocurrencies and NFT collections.

One Unified Token

We’re upgrading our governance token to maintain an edge in the market.

The Upgrade

The new token will bring together the FEG and ROX tokens to offer increased utility, asset-backing, interest-free lending and the means to earn a passive income through staking.


Asset-backing provides the new unified token with an ever-increasing minimum base value and its holders the opportunity to borrow against it – interest-free.

Passive Income​

A 2% transaction tax on all volume of the new token is fed to stakers. The FTW trading protocol and aggregator will fund additional income streams to the staking pool.


The new token will launch on the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networks with plans to explore other Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) networks such as Polygon, Fantom and Avalanche in the future.

100% audited

To maximise investor safety, the token contract will be fully audited by a professional third-party auditing firm.

CEX friendly

The new token contract will feature novel blockchain technology while conforming to the standards accepted by decentralised and centralised exchanges.

The smartest token template ever built

Within the SmartDeFi™ token template, we’ve made all the technology of our new unified governance token available to others. This means each token created through our SmartDeFi™ Deployer is asset-backed, giving rise to an ever-increasing minimum base value and SmartLend – a lending protocol that allows for interest-free loans to be taken out against the backing pool. SmartDeFi™ tokens can be paired against any other on-chain token which also dictates the asset by which it is backed.


Provides SmartDeFi tokens with an ever-increasing minimum value.


Customise and set taxes to grow marketing and development funds.


Our auto-deployer allows anyone to create their very own SmartDeFi token in minutes.


Take out interest free loans using your tokens as collateral. Extend them for a 0.1% fee.

One Ecosystem

Building a united front to improve financial freedom and literacy for all.


Keep up-to-date with all the latest innovations and advancements inside our ecosystem and the fast evolving DeFi space.​​


FEGscholars is our philanthropic effort to improve the financial literacy of the next generation across the globe.​


Tune in to FEGradio while you’re on the road or simply enjoying a bit of down time and learn about the FEG ecosystem.


Track your investments using the FEGtrack web application and add it to your homescreen for quick access.

Our partnerships

We foster close relationships with all of our partners.

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